Dell Roadmap leaked: All new Tablets & 2-in-1 Convertibles for 2014

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Dell emblem on the back of the Venue 11 Pro
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Dell will launch new tablets and 2-in-1 convertibles and bring them to market in 2014. We have the exclusive on new leaked documents including Dell’s Roadmap that reveals many of the company’s upcoming products with code names, some pricing and technical data. It includes a few new updates, completely new products that will generate great interest with, perhaps, surprisingly low prices.

New Dell Tablets for 2014

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We begin with this year’s tablet revisions, since the data starts off with the Dell Venue Pro 11, which gets a small update at the beginning of the second quarter. Ahead of MWC 2014, the news over new Bay Trail processors has already widely trailed, with 64-bit support. This is likely a quiet update, replacing the old generation which will be phased out, or offered as an alternative.

Following in the third quarter are the new generation of the Venue 11 Pro tablets, code-named Junction 2 and Midland 2. These are based on the Bay Trail and Intel Core i version respectively. It’s quite possible that the next generation of processors will be used. We don’t have the exact specifications or design details unfortunately, but the basic concept is likely to remain the same. At the same time, a new Dell Venue Pro 8 is listed, which is codenamed Bellaire 2.

Shortly before end of the third quarter, Dell should show off new Venue 7 and Venue 8 Android Tablets. Again, a detailed description is missing, but you should expect lower price points as the company aims to remain competitive.

New 2-in-1 Convertibles for 2014

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The recently tested Dell XPS 11 couldn’t really win us over with the poor touch keyboard, but as spring comes around, expect improvements. The Dell Inspiron 11 and Inspiron 13 will be available as 2-in-1 convertibles. The cheapest model will start from $449 with an Intel Bay Trail processor and a large 11.6-inch HD display. Dell will likely show off these models in April 2014 at its Intel Developer Forum 2014, and possibly at Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 event in San Francisco.

The Dell Inspiron 13 convertible will follows a little later in July at prices starting from $649. This 2-in-1 convertible Ultrabook will come with a 13-inch display with HD or Full HD resolution and digitizer/stylus support. All new models will run with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

New Dell XPS 18

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In April, Dell will also unveil the new XPS 18 Tablet. It will retain the 18.4-inch Full HD IPS display. The new version will come with a 69 Wh battery and a low-energy Intel Haswell ULT processor. Weighing in at 2.17 kg, the device is a little lighter and slimmer at 17 mm.

In the following gallery you will find some current products and some other new products that could be of interest, like a new Dell XPS 13 for Q3 2014.

If we get more information and specifications, we will update this as soon as we hear anything.

What do you think about the new Dell tablets and 2-in-1 Convertibles for this year?

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