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August 21, 2014 4:47 pm by Chris Knight

September is lining up to be a very busy month! We should have Apple’s iPhone 6 launch speculated for the ninth, plus Intel’s Developer Forum and Berlin’s consumer gadget IFA show  the same week. At the end of the month, Microsoft is very likely to reveal Windows 9 to the world, with the launch of a public preview evaluation version.

While there’s been plenty of leaks through developer betas and screenshots, Microsoft will now be firming up the Windows 9 interface, features and new content. It needs all these to sell yet another new operating system to a world still busily adopting Windows 7 or 8. The public preview, likely to be made available the same day will let us all try out the latest features. Microsoft has yet to officially confirm the date, but the U.S. press sounds confident.

Windows 9 ready for preview

Among all the previous leaks is the main tenet that Windows 9 will be consistent across devices, and quicker to work them, supporting mobile and tablets better, with apps working across each system. Older Windows users will be pleased to see the reappearance of the Start Menu, but in a new mini format, with live tiles embedded into it. Making way for it are the Charms bars which should only be visible to touchscreen users, and we can expect further integration of Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant.

Although Windows 9 will be shown on 30 September, there is still an extensive process until the OS reaches RTM and is ready for shipping. For an idea see the Windows 8 dev blog for how much work there was. Much could still change up to that time, and the final polish is often left out of the preview version. Hopefully, a more precise timetable will be revealed at the event. There’s also the chance that Windows 9 won’t be the final name, if Microsoft wants to move away from looking like forcing users to constantly upgrade.

What are you wishing to see in Windows 9?

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